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11 Things to Remember When Considering Retirement Homes

When the time comes to think about retirement homes for your loved ones, you’ll probably have hundreds of questions. What should you be looking for? What services does the home offer? Does the facility accept your insurance?

Carespring is a network of independent living, assisted living, and nursing homes in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. If you’d like to learn more about our retirement homes, don’t hesitate to reach out to us to schedule a tour.

Top 11 Considerations for Retirement Homes

Nursing Services

Health emergencies can happen to anyone at any time. Even if your loved one is physically healthy, unexpected slips and falls can be incredibly dangerous, especially for the elderly. Retirement homes should have 24/7 nursing services available for their residents to respond quickly to any emergency.


As we age, nutrition becomes more important to maintain optimal health. A person’s physical and mental health rely on healthy food and consistent hydration. Retirement homes should ensure each of their residents get the nutrients they need to stay healthy and happy!


The location of the retirement home is vital. Being able to visit your loved one regularly will make the transition easier on you and them. Additionally, the proximity of the facility to local shops, grocery stores, and other necessities is important.

Social Activities

Humans are social creatures. As we age, it’s important to remain active with others. Not only does this keep us physically moving, it also helps keep our brains active and healthy!

Comfortable Environment

Retirement homes should be comfortable places where older adults can feel at home. When considering a facility, make sure that the layout is compatible with your loved one’s level of mobility. Are there stairs, ramps, or elevators? How far away are necessary locations like the dining room? Are there safety rails?

Outdoor Access

Access to fresh air has both mental and physical benefits. Make sure the home you choose has easy access to quiet, well-kept outdoor spaces. Walking paths, seating areas, and nice landscaping are a plus.


Retirement homes often offer transportation to off-site activities. Before moving into a retirement home, make sure that the transportation they offer is easily accessible and available to everyone, regardless of mobility needs.

Fitness Center

Physical health is important. Many retirement homes have a fitness center where residents can go to exercise, either individually or in groups. If the facility you’re considering has a fitness center, make sure it’s easily accessible and focused on keeping the residents safe while they work out.


Your loved one will interact with caregivers on a regular basis at a retirement home. Make sure all caregivers are kind, caring, and dedicated to making your loved one feel at home. The transition to a retirement home can be difficult for some, and if that’s the case, a kind smile or helping hand from a caregiver can make a huge difference.


For some people, their pets are like their family. If your loved one has a pet, ask the retirement home if they accept pets. If so, then inquire about any size or breed restrictions.