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Author: Carespring

Proud to Be a Carespring Caregiver!

Carespring and its locations are so proud of our partnership with the American Heart Association and this year’s Heart Mini Event.  Our facilities raised around $40,000 to help fight heart disease and better care for those suffering.  As well, we had 250 team members and

Myths About Aging

There are many different preconceptions we have about aging. Consider some of these myths about getting older and share them with your family and friends: The Myths Older adults are always lonely Simply put-this isn’t true! There’s a common thought that when we get older,

Talking with Your Children About Retirement

So you’ve made the big decision to retire and now it’s time to break the news to your adult children. We all handle changes and transitions in different ways, so it’s important to think about what you want to say and how you want to

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Your Senior

Valentine’s Day can be a difficult holiday for some seniors, especially if they’ve lost their spouse or a loved one. But, thankfully Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be lonely for those without someone to celebrate with. Consider trying some of these Valentine’s Day activities with

Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors

Winter isn’t over yet and that means more winter weather conditions could be on the way. Unfortunately, falling is very common for seniors. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “one in four Americans aged 65+ falls each year.” During the winter

Healthy Hobbies for Seniors

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, many people promise to lead healthier lifestyles through diet, exercise, and daily activities. As the months go by and hard-to-break habits start to creep back in, it can be tempting to abandon our resolutions. It’s especially important for

Boost Your Immune System This Winter

Winter can be a difficult time for our bodies and immune systems. As the flu season begins, it’s important to strengthen our immune systems, especially for older adults. There are a few ways we can give our immune systems the boost it needs. Our Carespring

Relieving Winter Joint Pain

Winter is around the corner, and as temperatures begin to change many older adults who suffer from arthritis or osteoporosis might notice an increase in pain. While some practitioners don’t believe there is a link between joint pain and cold weather, other researchers argue that

Celebrating the New Year with Your Senior

Holidays can be a time of celebration and joy, especially when they are spent together with friends and family. However, as we age the holiday season can become difficult, particularly after losing a loved one or spouse. The New Year represents a new start, a

Advice for Seniors: How to Avoid Running Out of Money

Retirement is an accomplishment that marks years of hard work and for many, relentless saving. Many retired older adults rely on their savings to support them throughout the duration of their remaining years. This means something different for each person. Some might plan to move