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Carespring's Commitment

COVID-19 Vaccinations

Visitation and Activity Guidance

The CDC and Centers for Medicare Services have issued new guidance regarding resident visitation and group dining/activity participation. This guidance affords increased opportunites for vaccinated residents and their families.  Please note that Carespring locations in consultation with local health departments may make changes to these conditions should the facility experience an outbreak of COVID19.



All residents are able to have visitors.

We ask that visitors screen in at the front desk prior to entering any resident care areas.

All visitors should protect themselves and our patients and wear masks while in the facility.

Please check with the facility leadership should the resident you are visiting be in quarantine or isolation for any reason prior to visiting to assure all safety protocols can be followed.

Any visitor with signs and symptoms of COVID-19, or recent exposure to COVID-19 are asked to refrain from visiting.



VACCINATED residents will be able to attend dining and group activities with other vaccinated residents without the use of PPE and social distancing requirements.

UNVACCINATED residents who attend these events are encouraged to  maintain social distance and wear appropriate PPE. 

UNVACCINATED residents mixed in any group of vaccinated residents causes ALL residents to have to wear masks.

Carespring COVID Response = RESULTS

Over 600 COVID Patients Admitted!

Carespring served our communities by creating 5 COVID Recovery Centers caring for COVID patients who needed discharged from an acute care setting and were unable to return home. This supported hospitals by alleviating surge issues.

Over 1300 COVID Patients Recovered!

Our research and support teams allowed us to quickly identify potential COVID patients thus implementing effective infection control and treatment methodology. These efforts saved lives.

5000 People Vaccinated and Counting!

5000 People Vaccinated and Counting! Our quick efforts and advocacy afforded us to have the privilege of being some of the first providers in the states we serve to offer vaccines to patients and healthcare heroes. Carespring continues to offer ongoing vaccination opportunities for residents, staff and their families!


Our collaborative efforts with hospitals, state and federal agencies, and health collaborative groups allowed us to have a voice and bring change and action that benefited our patients and communities.


Assuring families, team members and our health care partners were informed was essential to navigating the pandemic. We invested in communication tools to be able to seamlessly delvier messages to our customers. As well, we spearheaded communication with our health care industry.

Carespring's Early Response

Snapshop of a SNF During a Pandemic


  • Monitoring all residents for s/s of covid at least daily
  • Strict screening procedures for all people entering the facility
  • Onsite covid -19 vaccine clinics for residents , staff , and vendors since December
  • Mandatory covid testing of employees and vendors
  • Free covid testing offered to and encouraged for visitors
  • Designated indoor and outdoor Visitation Areas to assure social distancing and Infection prevention measures are followed
  • Upgraded HVAC Systems to promote clean air exchange


March 10 Preparing for a Pandemic

  • Restrict visitors and non-essential vendors in all locations
  • Deploy iPads and technology to assure that patients stay connected with loved ones
  • Deploy a Personal Protective Equipment Task Force whose sole responsibility is to secure the necessary PPE to care safely for patients
  • Research the best disinfecting agents and ensure facility teams have appropriate cleaning products to sanitize all areas
  • Initiate a $2-per-hour wage increase to reward team members for working during this pandemic
  • Initiate screenings including temperature checks and vital questions for all visitors and new patients
  • Initiate a rigorous disinfecting schedule
  • Limit group activities such as physical therapy and dining to only those where social distancing can be maintained; some residents begin dining in their rooms


March 13 Strengthening Safeguards

  • Implement facility-wide usage of personal protective equipment including masks by all team members
  • Healthcare workers in close patient contact are given gloves and protective eye equipment
  • Implement a ONE CALL message system to be able to communicate updates to families


March 14 Social Isolation

  • Discontinue all group activities and communal dining in all buildings and locations

The Hierarchy of Infection Control

The Hierarchy of Controls is a system used to deploy effective controls within an organization, workplace, or community to identify the most effective ways to control a hazard. Depicted within an inverted pyramid the more effective controls are on the large, top side of the pyramid, whereas the least effective controls are on the bottom. This system has traditionally been used as a means of determining how to implement feasible and effective control solutions. Carespring has adopted this system in our response to COVID 19. The image below demonstrates some of the efforts put into place during this pandemic to minimize exposure.