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Mother’s Day Activities for Seniors and Their Families

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and time is running out to find Mom the perfect gift for her special day. Assisted living communities and nursing homes may put limitations on gifts, but there are still plenty of options she’s guaranteed to love. Consider some of these gift ideas for your mom this year.

A Beauty Day

Treat your mom to a spa day at her favorite salon. Some facilities even have their own salons on campus, which are easily accessible to residents. Nothing says thank you like getting your nails and hair done! Wrap the day up with a gift basket full of her favorite bath gels, lotions, and perfume.

Music and Movies

If your mother has an iPod or iPad, you might consider pre-loading the device with her favorite music and spend the day enjoying it together. Movies are also great gift ideas too. Choose a variety of recent releases and her favorite movies from her younger days. Enjoy together as a family on your next movie night or during a rainy day.

Sweet Treats

Treat your mom to her favorite special treat this Mother’s Day. Specialty chocolates, cookies, jams, and crackers are all wonderful things she can share with her friends in the assisted living or nursing home facility. Send these specialty items along with a beautiful bouquet of flowers for an extra-special gift.

New Clothes

If she’s able, take your mom out to find a new outfit at her favorite store or shopping center. If you and your family have plans for Mother’s Day, take her out a couple of days before so she can wear her new outfit for her big celebration. Pajama sets make great gifts too, especially as the seasons change and she needs a lighter set of pajamas for sleeping.

Picture Frames

Many residents who live in assisted living or nursing homes like to have reminders and mementos of their families and friends in their living spaces. This Mother’s Day, consider taking a family photo and choosing a special frame to give to your mom. Another option is to give mom a digital picture frame and upload all of her favorite pictures. This is a great option for mothers who have a lot of photos or live in a small space.


As our mothers get older, it can be difficult to remember appointments, events, and birthdays. Consider choosing a special calendar for this year’s gift. Choose from landscapes, animals, or even customize your own calendar with pictures from family events and outings.

Mothers should always be celebrated, but Mother’s Day gives us the perfect opportunity to tell our moms how much they mean to us. Our Carespring facilities in Dayton, Cincinnati, and Northern Kentucky wish you and your mom a wonderful day of celebration!