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Carespring Nursing Homes

Schedule Your In-Person Visit with E-Visit

Carespring will be utilizing E-Visit for all visitor registration and screening. E-Visit is an electronic platform that will provide an easy and streamlined process for tracking and screening all visitors.

Graphic promoting the ease of Carespring e-visits

1. Go to Carespring.Evisit.Info from any device and select the facility you will be visiting. Complete the Visitor Profile. This step is only required once and we recommend that you complete it prior to your first visit to the facility.

2. Log into your profile and click Schedule a Visit. Please be aware that all visitors MUST have an appointment to enter the facility.
If you do not have an appointment, you will not be allowed to proceed.

3. Upon arrival, you will be instructed to Check In by using the E-Visit tablet. Once checked in, you will be required to take your temperature on a facility provided thermometer and attest that your temperature is within defined normal range on the tablet.  You will then complete a self-screening survey. Once completed, your Check In will be complete.

Visitation Status

Please ensure you check the visitation status of your Carespring location. Visitation status can be dynamic depending on facility and community standing.