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Finding an Assisted Living Community That’s Right for You

Moving on Up- Finding an Assisted Living Community That’s Right for You

Finding an assisted living community for your loved one doesn’t have to be as hard as you might think. At Carespring, we are dedicated to helping residents transition into our community with grace and ease. Whether you live in the same city as your senior, or are tackling the task from across the nation, we have some helpful tips to find a perfect community for you and your loved one.

Set a Budget

Having a budget that you are comfortable with will make searching for a great place much easier. Budgeting eliminates facilities that are out of your price range, allowing you to focus strictly on places that will work.

When figuring out your budget, it might be helpful to start by answering these questions:

* How much do you receive in social security each month??

* Do you have a pension or VA benefits?

* How much do you currently have in your retirement accounts?

* How much (if necessary and possible) will other family members be able to contribute?

These questions will help you get closer to finding a reasonable monthly budget when planning for a move into assisted living.

Do Some Digging

Do some research on amenities that are important to your loved one. Do they value open space? A recreation center? These are great things to know before you start making physical visits to living centers.

We recommend pursuing websites of local centers for inspiration and quick facts. Senior living assistants are also available to customize your search in a short amount of time, if you need to speed up the process and move-in quickly.

Go on a Tour

Once you’ve focused your search down to 3-5 facilities, it’s time to start making visits. Usually you can contact the facility and book a tour through the phone. Make sure to request to see the living quarters, activity center, and even have a conversation with some of the current residents, if possible!

Moving can feel like a large task, so it’s always better to start early. It is important to be prepared when the time comes, especially if you find yourself in a time-sensitive situation. Talk with others who have found themselves in the same position! At Carespring, we know there are challenges that come with making the transition to assisted living. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have comments or questions!