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Physical therapist helping elderly woman in a senior rehabilitation center in Cincinnati

Recover at a Carespring Rehabilitation Center

After a health event such as an accident or stroke, many people recover in a rehabilitation center designed to get them back home as soon as possible. Rehabilitation centers are designed to help people recover in a safe, friendly environment that is catered to their specific needs.

Who Goes to Rehabilitation Centers?

There are three primary categories of people who utilize rehabilitation centers: patients recovering from major surgery, patients recovering from an injury or serious illness, and people trying to avoid surgery.

Patients recovering from major surgery go to rehabilitation centers because they often need help with mobility and other daily tasks. They can get through the most rigorous part of their recovery in an environment catered specifically for that purpose. Should something go wrong, they are surrounded by medical professionals with training who can help them.

Injuries or unexpected serious illness can happen to anyone at any time. From car accidents to strokes, rehabilitation after serious health-related event may be necessary to regain function and independence. At Carespring rehabilitation centers, our therapists work with residents to help them regain as much function as possible.

Surgery is often the last resort for injuries, especially when the procedure will be invasive and has along recovery time. Doctors will recommend rehabilitation if the surgery can be avoided.

Carespring Rehabilitation Centers

Carespring’s state-of-the-art rehabilitation center provides patients with an experienced team of medical professionals to help you or your loved one regain their independence. We don’t just treat our residents like patients, we treat them like family. Our caregivers give personalized assistance and care to everyone who steps through our doors.

Carespring’s rehabilitation centers employ industry experts and licensed therapists. The goal is always to work towards a smooth transition from the facility to a patient’s home. Our care centers are located throughout the tri-state area and provide a wide range of services.

Along with rehabilitation, we also offer independent and assisted living, as well as traditional nursing homes. Contact us today for more information.