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Visitation Guidance

To Our Residents and Family Members:

Carespring locations have been on state mandated visitor restrictions since March 10.  Recognizing that patients residing in our communities are at the highest risk of becoming seriously ill with COVID 19, we have been exceptionally vigilant about following each states orders as it relates to visitation.

We are now moving forward with scheduled visitation at our facilities.  Visitation will likely occur in different forms which can include window visits, outdoor visits or indoor visits.  The form of visitation will be dictated by the current COVID 19 risk in each facilities region.  Each facility reserves the right to postpone visitation at any time that the facility feels visitation would be unsafe. This includes if there is a community outbreak, a new facility related case/cases, limitation of appropriate PPE or staff to facilitate visit, if local hospitals are at capacity or state/county health department request.  Should a facility case arise, visitation could be postponed for a period of 14 days (Ohio) to 28 days (Kentucky) or at additional time frame pending federal guidance.

There will be stringent protocol in place to assure that protective measures and proper screening occurs prior to any visit.  Below are some of the guidelines we will be adhering to:

  1. All visits will be scheduled.
  2. All visitors and residents must be screened using CDC screening questions and temperature check prior to visit.
  3. All visitors and residents participating in visits must be masked, if a visitor is unable to wear a mask they will not be permitted to visit.
  4. Social Distance of at least 6 feet must be maintained. Any visitor must be able to independently maintain social distancing without supervision/monitoring of staff.  Children will not be permitted to visit if needing redirection.
  5. Residents and visitors must wash hands or use hand sanitizer before visit.
  6. Number of Visitors will be limited per state guidelines. Visitors will be provided a time for the visit and a length of visit.
  7. All visitors must sign an attestation of risks and screening questions.

We want to provide you with information we reference in making decisions about visitation.  This federal guidance is coupled with state and local health orders and directives to create visitation strategy.

CMS Nursing Home Reopening Recommendations for States: