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Staying Safe from Phishing Scams: Tips to Protect Yourself

As the death and infection toll of COVID-19 continues to rise across the nation, scammers are using phishing scams as an opportunity to target vulnerable and emotional individuals. While people are distracted with their finances, employment, education, health, and the health of their loved ones,

When Your Parents Refuse Care

As our parents age, and the parent-child roles begin to reverse, knowing what to do when parents refuse help can be a hard situation to navigate. While many adult children begin to worry about their parents’ health and safety, seniors might not understand or be

Tips for Fighting Fatigue

As we get older, and daily tasks become more burdensome, it’s easy to assume that fatigue is a normal part of aging. Common among seniors, a Columbia University study found that a lack of energy is linked to other health problems like joint pain and poor

How To Stay Connected To Aging Parents

Providing care for aging parents can feel like a full-time job, and at times, can require an entire team of people. Managing the logistics of daily life, such as nutrition, handling medications, and coordinating doctor’s appointments often become difficult for older adults. This can be

Making Parties Enjoyable for Seniors

There’s nothing better than spending time together with family and friends. This time of year is popular for family reunions, holiday celebrations, and neighborhood block parties. It’s easy to forget that seniors have special needs and wishes during these times of merriment. Some older adults,

Tips for Communicating with Your Senior’s Doctor

Transitioning into assisted living and nursing home facilities can be difficult for the whole family. As our loved ones age, keeping up with their health, medications, and other needs is an integral part of their care. Medical teams do their best to communicate with their

Why Seniors Thrive in Living Communities

Many seniors and their families hesitate when it comes to transitioning into community living. Whether it’s moving into a retirement community or assisted living, most seniors benefit from the transition in more ways than one. In addition to accessible medical and long-term care, most facilities