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Healthy Habits From Around the World

While it has its perks, growing older can come with many challenges. At Carespring skilled nursing and rehabilitation and long-term nursing care facilities, we are always looking for new and inspiring ways to help our patients live long and healthy lives. This week, our inspiration comes from around the world. Below are some ways that elders from all over the world are staying fit and active in their own ways. Let’s get inspired!

Australia: Embrace the Body and Mind

Stateside, fast-paced exercises such as circuit training and weight lifting are popular but can be harsh on the body, especially as you age. In Australia, the focus is often on the connection between the mind and body. Exercise is not only about physical appearance but also about emotional balance and well-being. Yoga and Pilates are ways to foster your physical endurance through strength training and flexibility while also encouraging brain development.

France: Turn Meals Into an Event

Unlike most Americans, French eat without the time constraints of 30-minute lunch breaks. Try eating slowly, thinking about each bite. The French eating experience is as much about socializing as it is about actually eating. Try turning off the TV and other distractions and sit down with family or friends and enjoy your meal together. Focusing on food and conversation will help you pay more attention to your body, and allow you to recognize when you feel full.

Iceland: Love the Water

In the summertime, most public pools are packed with people, some for recreation, others for exercise. Don’t let the winter seasons stop you! In Iceland, you’ll find people utilizing public pools all year long. Along with an excellent form of exercise, especially for those suffering from achy joints or osteoporosis, swimming can be a great way to socialize with others. A healthy lifestyle isn’t only about exercise and diet- it’s important to do activities with friends and family too.

Sweden: Eat in Season

At the grocery store it’s possible to get anything you want, even if it’s not in season. Strawberries in December? Potatoes in the summer? Learn from the Swedes and try to eat what’s in season and grown locally. Eating foods at their time of harvest helps you avoid contaminates used in the shipping process. When you stick to foods that are in season, you are more likely to get foods richer in nutrients and flavor.

Staying fit and active doesn’t have to be difficult. When we incorporate small daily changes each week, a healthy way of living will form naturally. Let’s learn from our friends around the world and live a healthier lifestyle here in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Dayton together.