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How to Find Love in Assisted Living

How to Find Love in Assisted Living

Many seniors who move into an assisted living community do so alone. Oftentimes seniors have lost a spouse or have gotten divorced either early or later in life. However, many seniors are still interested in finding love. If you or your loved one want to find that special someone in the senior living community, here are some encouraging stories and tip to get you feeling energized and hopeful!

Love Gives Second Chances

Seniors who are used to living independently might think that their chance at finding love is over. But, many seniors report finding someone special in a senior living community after the death of their spouse and even after a divorce. People are resilient and are perfectly capable of learning how to be in a romantic relationship even after many years of living alone. Some caregivers even share stories of their seniors finding romance by trying new things that require them to be in social settings with other residents. Get out there and be surprised!

All the Single Ladies!

According to data scientist, Ben Hanowell, “older adults age 65-70, there are 57% more women who move in alone than men.” While men have the dating advantage, there are many ways to meet new people in an assisted living community. Many communities will host Valentine’s Day dances or even birthday parties for their residents. These can be great opportunities to meet new friends, scope new romantic interests, or just enjoy the people in your community. It’s true that some men and women are interested in finding long-term relationships, but the contrary is also true. Some men and women are only interested in dating just to have fun. Don’t let statistics stop you!

Get Past the Obstacles

There are a few obstacles standing between seniors and finding love. Sometimes, older men feel inferior when compared to younger men. Even women face obstacles too. They might view themselves as unattractive because of the media’s glamorization of young women. However, if seniors are on the quest for true love—or even just a date, they’ll have to move past social norms and expectations and focus on being their true, genuine selves.

We hope these facts and suggestions are helpful to all seniors looking for someone special. Remember, dating and building a relationship take time, so be patient and have fun while you are waiting!