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Making Parties Enjoyable for Seniors

There’s nothing better than spending time together with family and friends. This time of year is popular for family reunions, holiday celebrations, and neighborhood block parties. It’s easy to forget that seniors have special needs and wishes during these times of merriment. Some older adults, including those with hearing loss, have difficulty participating in different events, especially ones that are heavily populated.

If you’re interested in hosting or participating in a party or celebration where seniors will be present, here are a few tips to make it a day that everyone will enjoy.

Make Sure Seniors Have What They Need

Hearing Enhancers

It can be easy to forget necessities like hearing aids when you’re rushing out the door! A study reports that, “the number of senior citizens in the US with significant hearing loss could increase to 35-40 million by the year 2030.” Hearing impairment among the elderly is rampant, and will continue to affect more seniors in the years to come. Reminding seniors to bring their hearing enhancers to noisy and crowded events will help them enjoy themselves—and each other.

Standing Room Only?

As we age, our joints and legs don’t work like they used to years ago. Seniors enjoy celebrations as much as anyone, but most appreciate having comfortable seating available. Outdoor furniture with cushions or indoor seating near activities or groups keep seniors relaxed and ready to mingle!

Meet Their Needs

We might not be sure what exactly it is that our seniors need the most. In this case, it’s appropriate to ask older adults what would make them most comfortable at parties and gatherings. Showing patience and genuine interest in their needs is important. Aging has its benefits, but can also make simple tasks more difficult. Giving seniors a chance to vocalize what works for them will help ease the situation.

Senior Friendly Party Activities

Make a Photo Book

Remembering parties and special moments can become difficult for older adults, especially those living with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Make a camera available to seniors and other partygoers and encourage picture taking. Creating a photo book through a website like Shutterfly is a great gift for seniors and will help them remember time spent with family and friends.

Record Special Recipes

Food is often a central part of any birthday or holiday party. Collecting family favorite recipes, especially from seniors, will keep memories alive for future generations. Most recipes have a story or special moment that comes with it. Encouraging seniors to recall these stories will make a recipe card or book even more special.

Most importantly, remember to enjoy time spent together with family and friends! At our Carespring facilities in Dayton, Cincinnati, and Northern Kentucky, we love seeing our residents and their families happy.