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Making the Move: Worries and Fears About Senior Living

Making the Move: Worries and Fears About Senior Living

There are a lot of stigmas and negative connotations attached to assisted living and nursing home communities. A lot of seniors have fears about what it will be like moving from their home into a community with people they’ve never met. The same fears can be found in their families, too. At Carespring, we want to assure our patients and their families that there is nothing to fear! When facilitated correctly, assisted living and nursing home communities actually help seniors age gracefully. Here are some of the most common worries among seniors and facts to help squelch the fears.

“I’ll get lonely!”

A lot of seniors fear the transition from independence to living in a community where there is assistance 24/7. While there might be a loss of direct independence, seniors also have the opportunity to expand their social circle through activities sponsored by their living communities. Seniors also conserve energy by opting out of daily activities that take more effort than they used to—cooking, cleaning, etc. Seniors will feel more excited by the possibilities of meeting new people and trying new things without the burden of daily responsibilities.

“I won’t get the best care”

A lot of seniors and their families worry about finding the wrong facility when it comes time to transition to assisted care. There are many facilities that provide excellent care for seniors, which are licensed and staffed by experts on senior care. Caregivers or family members should maintain excellent communication with their seniors especially within the first months of moving. This will ensure that the proper care is being given and the transition into assisted living is going smoothly and without cause for concern.

“Assisted living will make me age faster”

The idea of transitioning into assisted care can be very concerning for some seniors. An excellent facility will be able to provide customized care, which gives seniors everything they need to age gracefully while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Assisted living communities can actually slow down illnesses and improve health.

“I will lose control”

Many seniors fear the loss of autonomy over their own lives. While this is a natural part of aging, their feelings are extremely important and should always be voiced and received. Senior care facilities work with their residents to ensure that their needs are being met while giving them a sense of independence and privacy.

Moving into an assisted living or nursing home community is a monumental transition for some seniors and their families. At Carespring’s Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati and Dayton facilities, we are dedicated to making that transition as smooth as possible. Remember to talk to your senior about how they are feeling about their upcoming move and what they need to feel supported.