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Most Common Senior Health Concerns

Now more than ever, research is showing that Americans have a great probability of living longer, healthier lives. However, as we age our bodies and minds face many health challenges. It’s always important to stay informed about common health risks and how to overcome them. At Carespring in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Northern Kentucky, we encourage our residents to do their research in order to live long and fruitful lives. Here are some of the most common senior health concerns and how to cope.


A staggering number of adults live with arthritis—nearly 1 in 5 adults, according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control). Those living with arthritis have widely reported a decrease in their quality of life due to joint pain and discomfort. According to the CDC, physical activity can actually decrease pain and offset other arthritis symptoms. Exercise doesn’t have to be vigorous or painful—choose an activity that seems fun and adjust according to your ability. Swimming and aerobics are often helpful and gentle on joints.

Heart disease

Heart disease is common in elders and remains one of the most common causes for death for aging adults. Heart disease includes several different conditions and diseases, the most common are Coronary Artery Disease and Heart Attack. While some people are more prone to heart disease than others, eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly is proven to decrease the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Influenza and Pneumonia

While all people are at risk of contracting influenza and pneumonia, the CDC reports, “the flu season takes the heaviest toll on people 65 and older.” Seniors easily contract these illnesses and have a more difficult time recovering. Flu shots and pneumonia vaccines are available, but checking with your doctor first is recommended!


Seniors are prone to accidental falls which can result in broken bones. Installing balance bars in the home, especially the bathroom, are helpful for seniors living alone or who prefer an independent lifestyle. Non-slip rugs are great for the kitchen or other non-carpeted areas. Balance exercises like yoga and tai chi are gentle on the body and are proven to help elders maintain balance and promote quick recovery from falls or other balance related accidents.


As seniors experience the death of their friends or loved ones in quick intervals, depression can result. Socializing with family or people in the community is a great way prevent or cope with depression. Try joining a card or book club with friends, or try an activity that is new and different. In addition, exercising regularly helps decrease the symptoms of depression.

At Carespring’s nursing home and rehabilitation facilities, we value excellent care and health for our patients. We are always looking for ways to educate and empower our residents with the knowledge they need to live healthy and happy lives.