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Rehabilitation | Carespring in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Northern Kentucky
Carespring Rehabilitation


Rehabilitation is a vital part of recovery. Whether you or a loved one has experienced a fall, healthcare set back, or other injury, it takes specialized care to get functioning back to normal. Carespring’s rehabilitation services put the health of the patient first, ensuring they can return home as soon as possible.

What is rehabilitation?rehabilitation

There’s a pivotal time immediately following a health event – be it something sudden like a stroke, or something planned like a knee replacement, when rehabilitative care is a necessary step in the recovery process. While an immediate transition back into a patient’s home may seem like the most desirable option, it’s not always best for the patient. To bridge the care gap during this time, rehabilitation facilities have become an important step in the rehabilitation process.

Rehabilitation is care that helps the patient get back, keep, or improve abilities needed for everyday functioning. While these abilities are most often physical, they can also be mental and/or cognitive. Disease and injury are the most common reasons for rehabilitation needs.

Why do people go to rehabilitation facilities?

Out of all demographics, the elderly are the group that utilize rehabilitation facilities most often. There are many reasons someone may need to spend time out of the home in a location where they can get 24-hour care. These reasons may include:

  • Improve mobility. This can include building strength, balance, and range of motion. Stretching and strengthening exercises help restore the ability to move. Health care professionals can fit individuals with a cane, crutches or other assistive device. By customizing an individual care plan, whatever activity that is important to an individual’s life can be practiced and adapted to ensure the best possible performance and safety.
  • Recover from a physical injury, such as a fall or car accident. Recovery often involves pain management and physical therapy. This not only helps regain strength or motion lost due to the injury, it also builds the skills necessary to ensure it doesn’t happen again.
  • Recover from a seizure or stroke. Rehabilitation after a stroke is crucial. After doctors at the hospital have treated the initial damage caused by the stroke, focus shifts to recovering damaged body and brain function. Both physical and cognitive therapy are crucial to regaining function. Each patient is unique and requires different therapies, which means your team has to be flexible and dedicated to your case.
  • Avoid surgery. Sometimes, rehabilitation is necessary to avoid surgery. Doctors will suggest this when the surgery is invasive and can be avoided.

Why do people choose rehabilitation facilities over at-home recovery?rehabilitation

Most often, people go to one of these facilities to recover from a health-related event, such as a stroke or knee replacement. They provide a safe space for healing to happen so the patient can return home with a good start on recovery.

Safety is the first priority at these facilities. If a patient falls, for example, there are immediately trained professionals there to help them up. Carespring’s rehabilitation and nursing  care facilities are dedicated to keeping you or your loved one safe at all hours. An accident could happen at 3:00 am, and a health care professional is nearby with help.

What happens in rehabilitation facilities?

When someone goes to a rehabilitation facility for medical purposes, their treatment plan is tailored to their needs. A team of health care providers help the patient get back to their optimal health through rehabilitative therapy, nursing interventions, the proper diet, and exercise. Treatment plans may include:

  • Tools and equipment to help people move and function, such as learning to use mobility aids and bathroom safety products.
  • Cognitive rehabilitation to help improve thinking, memory, planning, or other mental functions.
  • Nutritional counseling to assist in recovery and functioning.
  • Occupational therapy to help with daily activities like dressing and eating.
  • Physical therapy to increase strength and mobility.
  • Speech therapy to improve speech (like after a stroke), comprehension, swallowing, etc.
  • Pain management.
  • Medication management and monitoring
  • Specialized nursing care

Choose Carespring

When you choose Carespring for your rehabilitation needs, you’re choosing a team that engages patients on a personal level. Each patient in our rehabilitation facilities is treated as family. We get to know them – their stories, their families, what they need to maximize the care we provide. This kind of personal care is second nature to our Caregivers. We provide:

  • An experienced team with a long record of success for high quality care and getting you or your loved one healthy and back home.
  • Expertise in a large range of therapies.
  • An interdisciplinary approach to care and rehabilitation including physicians, therapists, nurses, dieticians, and social workers.

Carespring’s centers employ industry experts and licensed therapists to implement a comprehensive plan of care for patients, encouraging a smooth transition from the facility to a patient’s home. Our state-of-the-art facilities have cutting edge equipment and therapists with a hunger to constantly learn more about their field of care, allowing us to provide excellent rehabilitation services.

Carespring centers are located throughout the tri-state area and provide a wide range of services. Along with rehabilitation, we also offer independent and assisted living, as well as traditional nursing homes. With Carespring, you can always count on quality care. We treat you or your loved one like family!  Contact us today for more information.