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Tips for Keeping New Year’s Resolutions for Staying Active

The holidays have passed and mid-January is here, reminding us of our New Year’s resolutions. If you’ve fallen off the wagon, or maybe you’ve forgotten, it’s never too late to jump back in and get on track. Perhaps you’ve committed yourself to be healthier, going on more adventures, trying something new, or eating more vegetables. Here are a few tips for keeping New Year’s resolutions for staying active all year long:

Mix It Up

Don’t be afraid to stray away from your normal exercise routine and replace it with something you’ve never done before. If you’re a walker, try water aerobics. Elders may find new aches and pains as the years go by, but there are various activities and exercises that can be adjusted so each person is comfortable. Each exercise has different benefits. Swimming is a zero-impact exercise that is easy on the joints and perfect for those with arthritis and osteoporosis. Balance exercises like yoga help to prevent falls.

Take a class or try some of these exercises with an instructor:

  • Pilates promotes balance and good posture while challenging your body with long stretches that help you build muscle and strength. Make sure you have proper instructions before trying any new exercise on your own!
  • Seated exercises are especially common and great for active elders. Exercising while sitting in a chair decreases the risk of injury and harsh impact on the joints, but still allows you to stay fit and build up your strength. Check your local fitness center for seated exercise classes.
  • Aerobic exercise allows you to build muscle just like lifting weights without all of the lifting. Resistance bands help you become stronger by using the weight of your own body against the stretch of the band. These types of exercises help prevent falls and also increase your recovery time from other fall-related injuries.

Buddy Up

Staying active doesn’t have to be a solo venture. Finding a friend to help you stay committed to your goals is sure to keep you inspired when you feel like giving up. Invite a family member or friend from your community to join you in an exercise class, a walk around the neighborhood, or just catch up over dinner or tea. Talking about and sharing your goals with someone you trust is an important step in achieving success and maintaining stamina.

Resolutions are great ways to keep fit and active all year long. Try some of these tips for keeping New Year’s resolutions related to exercise. Whatever your goals for the coming year might be, your friends at Carespring of Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Dayton are always cheering you on.