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Nurse assisting patient loading a dishwasher at a skilled nursing facility

Cincinnati Skilled Nursing Facilities

What Are Skilled Nursing Facilities?

Skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities offer a higher quality of care and more comprehensive services. Like a nursing home, skilled nursing care provides senior care to residents. In addition, these facilities can provide short term rehabilitative care. This is for those who are recovering from a surgery or health-related event.

Along with nurses who are on-duty at all times, our skilled nursing facilities here in the Cincinnati area also employ other health care workers. These include a doctor on staff, rehabilitation services, social workers, dietitians, and activity professionals. All staff is there to assure a well rounded care plan is prepared for each patient.

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Why Do People Choose Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Facilities?

Most often, people go to one of these facilities to recover from a health-related event. These may include a stroke or medical procedure such as a knee replacement. Rehabilitative care is a necessary step in the recovery process.

An immediate transition back into a patient’s home may seem like the most desirable option. However, it’s not always in the best interest of the patient. Skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities help bridge the gap between the hospital and home.

Seniors who require more assistance may need to consider a move to an assisted living facility. These facilities provide a wider variety of care for a longer period of time. Assisted living can be a great option for seniors who need help with mobility, nutrition, or a variety of other daily challenges.

Our skilled nursing services in the greater Cincinnati area cover a variety of medical care. Our nursing staff is dedicated to helping you or your loved one as you need medical treatment and assistance.

Nurse sitting and talking with patient in a wheelchair at a skilled nursing faciltiy

Why Carespring?

Nurse talking with patient using exercise equipment at a skilled nursing facility

Carespring’s skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers employ compassionate nurses, experienced doctors, and licensed therapists. We’re more than just assisted living and rehabilitation care services. We have a comprehensive plan of care for patients to make a smooth transition from the facility to their home.

Each facility has cutting-edge equipment and therapists who are experts in their field. Every member of our team is passionate about effective patient care.

A Variety of Care Options

In addition, we also provide a variety of care options throughout Greater Cincinnati. From long term care to short term transitional services, Carespring can do it all. Our licensed nurses, doctors, therapists, and other healthcare professionals are dedicated to you or your loved one. We want to help you have the best possible quality of life.

This is what you can expect from a Carespring Facility. The best care and rehabilitation, with the end goal of getting our residents back to their best selves. Contact us today for more information about our skilled nursing facilities!