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The Search for Assisted Living

The Search for Assisted Living

Transitioning into assisted living can be a difficult choice to make for older adults and their families. Often, the burden of completing everyday tasks while maintaining households can be too much for aging adults. Some seniors might recognize their limitations and transition into assisted living communities willingly and with ease, while others may not. At Carespring, we want all of our residents to transition smoothly into our skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities in the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Northern Kentucky areas. Here are some things to know about assisted living communities and nursing homes, along with tips to finding the perfect place for your loved one.

Plan Your Care

Many nursing homes and assisted living communities offer different levels of care for their residents. Moving into assisted living can be a difficult time for adults of all ability levels. It’s important to find a facility that has the care your senior needs now, while offering additional care to meet their long-term needs. Some communities specialize in independent living, while others are better equipped to provide specialized care to those who need it, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia patients.

Know Your Style

Just like people, not all nursing homes are the same! Each facility has its own style, so it’s up to your senior to find out what they prefer. Some communities are large, housing up to 300-500 residents. Larger communities might provide more residential space, a wide variety of recreational activities and groups, and more opportunities for social interaction. Other small-scale communities might provide more hands-on attention, and a less chaotic environment.

In addition to size, residents might prefer to find a facility that feels more cottage-like and traditional or perhaps mid-century modern and vibrant. You can tell a lot about a facility just by visiting, so make sure to plan a tour before making a commitment!

Choose Friendly Staff

Once your senior chooses a particular assisted living facility or nursing home, it becomes their home. Many older adults will spend a majority of their time at their new place of residence, so it’s important to choose a friendly and supportive community. During a tour or interview, it’s helpful to speak with some of the staff and observe their interactions with other residents. This will help you evaluate the quality of care being provided and the workplace culture of the facility.

 Be Safe

Many older adults decide to transition into assisted living for quality of life and safety reasons. While researching different facilities, pay attention to the overall safety of the facility and the measures the staff takes to protect their residents. It’s always great to ask if there are registered nurses on site at all times, who is available during nightshifts and on the weekends. Safety first!

And lastly, remember to have fun with the transition! It can be difficult to make the move, but many facilities offer high-end care that drastically improves the quality of life for its residents.