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Traveling Tips for Seniors

Traveling Tips for Seniors

As spring arrives and summer approaches, many people are preparing for vacations and holiday travel with friends and family. Summertime can be a great opportunity for much needed relaxation! For older adults, especially those with caregivers, traveling can be a cause of concern and a question of capability. Although the planning and traveling can be stressful at times, there are some wonderful benefits that come with it. As you prepare your summer activities, consider the gifts of traveling, and always remember that safety comes first!

Here are some of the treasures of traveling:

Boost Your Mood! 

Whether it’s for a family reunion, a wedding, or just for pleasure, exploring different areas of the country can help improve one’s outlook on life and increase their mood.

Today is the Day. 

As adults age, each year can bring a new challenge or difficulty to overcome, physically and mentally. It’s important to consider traveling while there’s still an ability to do so, especially for dementia patients. Traveling is a great memory to have, and one that can be reminisced on in the future.

Decrease Isolation. 

It becomes increasingly important for older adults to socialize and participate in events and activities. Studies show that elders who become isolated are at greater risk for depression and increased disability. Traveling is a great opportunity to spend time with family and experience something new together.

Safety Tips for Travel

Know Your Limits. 

It’s important to respect your abilities and to never put yourself in dangerous situations. Traveling can be exhausting—it’s okay to take a break or pass up an activity or two along the way. When we respect our bodies and their limitations, we’ll have more energy along the way.

Check With Your Doctor. 

Before traveling, elders should make sure to get the green light from their doctor. It’s always a good idea to let your doctor know you are going away, just in case you need to get in touch with them while you’re gone.

Pack Your Meds! 

Just because you are traveling doesn’t mean you have permission to take a vacation from your prescriptions.  Make sure you’ve planned and organized all of the medications you’ll need while you are away. Staying committed to your daily medication schedule will keep you feeling strong and healthy throughout your travels. 

Traveling with family and friends is a great way to enjoy the summer while making memories for the future. At Carespring’s Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation centers of Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati and Dayton, we want our residents to live full and happy lives. If you travel this summer, have fun and stay safe!