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We know how important retirement planning is. At Carespring, we want to contribute to a comfortable and fulfilling future for our team members.

Click the picture below to see a peek into the 401k offerings we have:

Retirement Saving

We have created a calculator that breaks down our 401k structure. Please enter numbers in the table below to see 401k amounts and match amounts.

Carespring Health Care Management
401k Deferral/Company Match Calculator
Calculated based on employee entry
Salaried Employee Annual Salary$
Hourly Employee Wage per Hour$
Annual Salary$
Deferral Percentage%
Total Annual Deferral$
Deferral per Pay period$
First 3% of Annual Deferral$
Annual Match=5% of first 3%$
Match per Pay Period$

Data entry fields are indicated with yellow highlights.
Salaried Employees enter their annual salary in the applicable field.
Hourly employees enter their wage per hour in this entry field. That will calculate their annual salary equivalent (based on a an average of 40 hours per week).
All employees enter their desired deferall percentage.

Annual Salary Examples Contributing at the auto-enrolled rate of 3%
Annual Salary$20000$30000$40000$50000
Deferral Percentage3.00%3.00%3.00%3.00%
Total Annual Deferral$600.00$900.00$1200.00$1500.00
Deferral per Pay period$23.08$34.62$46.15$57.69
Annual Match=5% of first 3%$30.00$45.00$60.00$75.00
Match per Pay Period$1.15$1.73$2.31$2.88