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What Is Skilled Nursing?

When you’re choosing a safe place for your loved one to recover from a health event, you want a facility that provides skilled nursing care. Skilled nursing refers to a high level of care given to a patient by a licensed health professional, such as a registered nurse or physical therapist. Inserting an IV, monitoring vital signs, and wound care all fall under the umbrella of skilled nursing. 

Why do people recover at skilled nursing facilities?

After a medical event like a stroke, bad fall, or medical procedure, patients need a safe place to recover. Skilled nursing facilities provide the high level of care the patient needs in a safe environment. 

For example, someone recovering from a stroke may need speech and occupational therapy in order to return to their previous level of functioning. These specialized centers have licensed health professionals on staff, as well as other nursing staff members to help care for the patient as they recover. 

Is it available at assisted living facilities as well? 

Yes! This type of nursing care isn’t just found in rehabilitation centers. Assisted living homes will have registered nurses and therapists on staff to help care for residents. Seniors who require more assistance can greatly benefit from the services specialized nursing can provide. Additionally, assisted living homes provide a safe place for seniors to live without having to worry about help being too far away. Licensed, trained caregivers are just around the corner!

Skilled Nursing at Carespring

If you’re looking for a safe, comfortable environment for you loved one to stay while recovering, come to Carespring. We employ compassionate nurses, experienced doctors, and licensed therapists. We’re passionate about providing your loved one with the top care in the Cincinnati area. Contact us today to learn more.