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Celebrating Labor Day with Seniors

As summer comes to an end, Labor Day is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate with family and friends. Not only does this holiday pay homage to all workers in various industries, but it also provides the opportunity to share our experiences with one another. Keep your seniors in mind as you prepare to celebrate Labor Day with family and friends.

Host a Barbeque

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer’s warm weather by hosting a family party for all your neighbors and loved ones. Getting together, sharing stories, and playing games is a great way for seniors to feel connected to those around them. Studies have shown that socializing with others greatly improves the quality of life for aging adults. Get out that grill, fill up the cooler, and enjoy the day by spending it with those you love!

Make a New Tradition

Family traditions are a way for new and old generations to stay connected throughout the year. Establishing a new tradition for Labor Day, or partaking in one that already exists will help families create memories that will last for decades. Sharing in conversation about how seniors celebrated Labor Day when they were younger, or discussing their careers are great ways to engage older adults.

Fishing out old photo albums is perfect for sparking conversation with seniors. Reminiscing on old memories and asking questions about seniors’ lives and experiences will leave the family feeling connected to each other and to the true meaning of Labor Day.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Going outside and enjoying nature’s beauty is good for the mind and body! Depending on your loved one’s ability, taking a walk in a nearby park, or enjoying a picnic lunch will leave your older adult feeling rejuvenated and in high spirits. Local parks are free and fun for the whole family, from babies to seniors.

Get Crafty

Finding ways to engage seniors can sometimes be challenging. Setting up an arts and crafts station with watercolors, flowers for bouquet making, or stencils for drawing will leave you and your loved one with something special to remember. Making memories doesn’t have to be difficult. Spending time together and leaving with something to take home is an easy way to make Labor Day special.

Our Carespring nursing home and rehabilitative care facilities in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Northern Kentucky wish you and your family a safe and fun holiday weekend! How did your family celebrate?