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Senior living facility building in the Cincinnati area with several cars in parking lot

Senior Independent Living in the Cincinnati Area

Senior independent living is a great choice for those who want to maintain their lifestyle with the benefits of assisted living—right here in the Cincinnati area. Emergency health situations are addressed quickly, and general wellbeing is maintained by more than just you or your loved one. While transitioning to an independent living facility may seem daunting or stressful, Carespring aims at providing top-quality care to residents while allowing them to maintain their independence.

If you or your senior-age loved one lives an active lifestyle, independent living may be the right choice. Many communities provide physical and social opportunities for interaction and growth, which can make the retirement stage of life fun and enjoyable. At Carespring, we value enriching the lives of our residents through activities, healthy food, and beautiful environments.

The Barrington: Senior Independent Living Apartments

The Barrington of Ft. Thomas is Carespring’s senior independent living apartment facility near Cincinnati. It’s a peaceful location that’s close to so much in the well-established Ft. Thomas community. 



What is independent living for the elderly?

Independent living is housing designed specifically for retirement-age adults, typically 55 years or older. The style of living can range anywhere from freestanding homes to apartment-style living.

Generally speaking, independent living is designed for senior adults. It takes into account things like bathroom safety and ease of movement, often being easy to navigate.

The Benefits of Senior Independent Living

Along with the peace of mind that you or your loved one will be taken care of, independent living comes with many added benefits. Some of these may include:

A Safe Environment 

Every person of every age deserves a safe place to live. At Carespring, our independent living centers are designed to keep our residents healthy – both physically and mentally! Each resident room is equipped with plenty of safety features, including bathroom safety products and the Elcombe Security Link System (a state-of-the-art phone system that provides a link with our Resident Care Coordinators). 

We also organize frequent community activities and outings for our residents to keep their minds active. Each of these activities is designed to challenge the body or mind, all in a way that is safe and fun! 

A Peaceful Retirement 

Our residents don’t have to worry about things like maintaining their apartments or doing yard work. We aim to give our residents a peaceful, relaxing life at our independent living centers in the Cincinnati area. 

A Strong Community 

Our independent living centers in the Cincinnati area help foster strong friendships among our residents. Similar life experiences, stories of grandkids, and laughter can be heard all around our campus! Our residents love getting to know one another – in fact, it feels like some of them have been friends for a lifetime. 

Additionally, our staff treats each of our residents like family. As we age, it becomes more and more important to have a supportive community around you. Our staff fills that role! We’re passionate about creating strong relationships with each of our residents so they aren’t simply “residents” – they’re family. 

Human Connection and Social Life

Our senior independent living community has organized activities and planned outings. Our residents are never lacking in activities to do or places to go! Having easy access to both human interaction and fun activities help to keep the brain active and spirits high.

Remaining both socially and physically active is an important part of maintaining your health at any age, but is especially true for seniors. Another benefit is living with people around your same age. Chances are, you or your loved one will become fast friends with your neighbors over shared experiences and photos of grandkids. 

24-Hour Security

This goes for both general security concerns as well as physical health. Our facilities have 24-hour security features including the Elcombe Security Link System. This state-of-the-art phone system provides a link with our Resident Care Coordinators for residents’ health and security. This makes the response time much quicker than normal emergency services. We also have 24-hour security for general security concerns.

Maintenance-Free Living

Our residents never have to worry about maintaining their apartments! No more taxing chores such as shoveling snow, mowing the lawn, or fixing broken amenities. Along with weekly housekeeping services, we take care of all of fixing or upgrading your apartment quickly and efficiently. In a Carespring independent living community, you won’t be waiting for an extended period of time for someone to come and fix your dishwasher or sink.

Easy Transition to Assisted Living, If Needed

If the time comes when you or your loved one need a little more day-to-day assistance, the transition to an assisted living community is easier. Carespring has a variety of assisted living communities and nursing homes, so you have many options for locations and services provided! We provide just the right amount of senior care and assistance when needed. For more information on our assisted living communities, click here.

About Carespring

Carespring is a group of independent, assisted living, and rehabilitation facilities in the Cincinnati and Dayton areas. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality, personal care to each of our residents. Our communities employ experienced teams of licensed therapists and nurses who provide unmatched levels of care.

We engage our patients on a personal level. Each patient in our communities is a part of the Carespring family, and we go above and beyond to ensure they feel well cared for. Each caregiver gets to know the residents they work with, such as their stories, their families, and what they need to maximize the care we provide. This kind of personal care is second nature to our caregivers.

For more information on Carespring, independent living, or any of our communities, contact us today at (513) 943-4000. Or, you can submit an inquiry right on our home page.