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Assisted Living in Northern Kentucky | The Barrington of Fort Thomas
Carespring Assisted Living

Assisted Living

Exploring assisted living options can be stressful. It’s challenging to know where to even begin. At Carespring, we’re here to help you find the perfect place for yourself or your loved one.

Inevitably, a time may come when an extra pair of hands, a little help fastening buttons, or a steadying arm when stepping into the shower is necessary. We provide just the help needed at just the right time but allow our residents to continue functioning as independently as possible in every other part of their lives.

Assisted Living at The Barrington

The Barrington is the premier assisted living facility in the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentuckyarea. Nestled in the hills of the idyllic Ft. Thomas area next to the Campbell County Public Library and Good Shepherd Pelletier Church, each resident has access to the help they need within their own spacious personal living areas. The peaceful location comes with amenities such as meals prepared by a Master Chef, an exercise facility staffed with a full-time physical therapist, a cocktail lounge, and more.

Along the way, neighbors become friends swapping stories about grandchildren and travel while enjoying one of our Master Chef’s delicious entrees in the dining room. We love seeing people in our community enjoying the company of newfound friendships!

Life at The Barrington is active and involved, and we’d love to show you just how pleasant assisted living can be here! To arrange a personal tour or for other questions, call 859-609-3307. There’s no better place in the Greater Cincinnati area than The Barrington of Ft. Thomas!

The Benefits of Assisted Living

Assisted living communities come with a list of benefits for physical safety and mental wellbeing, including 24-hour access to care and assistance. These communities are a great transitional step for seniors who need more day-to-day help than family can give at home, but don’t need the constant medical care that a nursing home provides. The benefits of assisted living can include:

  • A safe living environment.  Our assisted living community comes equipped with accessibility and mobility modifications, such as elevators and bathroom safety features. A medical alert system allows residents to get the help they need at just a push of a button!  These help our residents avoid injuries from falls and other accidents.
  • Access to fitness and physical activity.  At The Barrington, residents enjoy group exercise classes as well as access to a state-of-the-art gym. These programs are overseen by our very own physical therapist.  Residents are encouraged to remain physically active in our fully-accessible facilities!
  • Help with daily activities.  Dressing, bathing, and eating are all activities that may not come with ease for some seniors. In an assisted living community, caretakers are available at all hours to help when needed. This allows residents to function as independently as possible, but still receive the help they need when they need it.
  • Intellectual stimulation.  The Barrington offers lifelong learning classes and clubs for our residents to keep their minds active and healthy! Art classes, book clubs, and visiting scholars in a variety of fields are all available for their enjoyment.
  • Social events.  We strongly believe that in order to remain healthy for as long as possible, you must remain socially active. In assisted living, interaction with fellow residents is easy! Along with spacious common areas, planned group outings and cultural events help keep life exciting. Making new friends later in life is easy!
  • Supervised nutrition.  As we get older, our nutritional needs change. In an assisted living community, caretakers are able to ensure residents are getting adequate nutrition. At The Barrington, our Master Chef prepares gourmet meals that are both nutritious and delicious!
  • Housekeeping, transportation, and more.  Day-to-day responsibilities such as keeping a living space clean and getting to appointments can become more and more difficult as mobility decreases. Assisted living communities provide housekeeping services and transportation for residents, relieving those everyday burdens!
  • Independence.  Maintaining one’s independence is an important part of aging. Sometimes, however, that requires a bit of help now and then. Assisted living helps people when they need it but enables them to continue living independently in as many areas of life as possible. When families are no longer able to meet their loved one’s needs alone, assisted living provides the help aging adults need without taking away their privacy or independence.

Carespring provides excellent assisted living care for aging adults. We are a group of independent, assisted living, and rehabilitation and nursing facilities in the Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Dayton areas.

Our communities employ experienced teams of licensed therapists and nurses who provide unmatched levels of care.

For more information on Carespring, assisted living, or any one of our communities, contact us today at 513-943-4000, or submit an inquiry at the bottom of our home page.