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Carespring Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes: Your Home Away from Home

Carespring nursing homes provide personal, positive care for seniors needing rehabilitation or long-term nursing home services. From the time of admission through the journey of the patient care experience, we will be there for you and your family member. We are proud to serve the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Northern Kentucky areas, providing exceptional therapy and a life-enriching atmosphere to our residents.

Our dedicated teams of caregivers strive to provide the most comprehensive care available in our nursing homes. The quality of care we give goes beyond an excellent nursing experience. At Carespring, our patients become part of our family the moment they enter one of our buildings. Each patient receives top-notch service from their therapy teams, dedicated nurses, nutritional teams, and activities coordinators.

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What Makes A Good Nursing Home? 

Choosing a senior care facility can be a challenge, but when you find the right one for yourself or your loved one, the peace of mind it will bring will be worth it. Senior living should be easy, comfortable, and safe.

There are many nursing homes in the Cincinnati area, but none compare to the quality that Carespring can provide to you or your loved one. Many attributes make a good nursing home, but we’ve put together some of our favorites below.


In a good nursing home, the sense of community is immediately noticeable from the moment you step into the facility. Having easy access to both human interaction and fun activities help to keep the brain active and spirits high.

Another benefit is living with people around the same age. Chances are, you or your loved one will become fast friends with your neighbors over shared experiences, stories of travel, and photos of grandkids.

24/7 nursing services

Emergency situations can arise anytime. From slips and falls in the bathroom to more serious health crises, nursing homes have 24/7 care. This is to ensure that your loved one is cared for at all times, whether it be in the middle of the night or early in the morning.

These nursing care services also extend to other types of medical care the senior may need. Occupational therapy, speech therapy, and memory care are often available to those who need it.


The senior residences all the necessary amenities. These can include a full kitchen in a private room for more independent seniors and a television for entertainment when they spend time in their room.

The facility as a whole should also provide a variety of necessities. These include computer access/wifi, plenty of spaces for physical activity, and a health and wellness center. Many centers also have a chapel, walking paths, game rooms, and more.

Comfortable environment

While this may be obvious, having a clean and comfortable environment goes a long way when retirement comes around. For seniors with limited mobility who cannot get around the way they used to, comfort includes an easy room layout. It also includes easy access to all areas of the nursing home.

Nutritious (and delicious) food

Many seniors suffer from malnutrition, which not only impacts their physical health but also their mental and emotional health. In a nursing home, caretakers are able to ensure residents are getting adequate nutrition to keep them healthy.

Person-centered living

The residents are the most important part of a nursing home. A facility should respect the wishes of a resident from the time they wake up to the hobbies they enjoy doing. A nursing home should be just that: a home.

Outdoor spaces and activities

Residents are encouraged to remain both physically and mentally active during their stay. Staying active in organized group settings can also help seniors keep their bodies and minds engaged in healthy ways.

Carespring Skilled Nursing Facilities

In Carespring nursing homes, we are proud to provide care that goes above and beyond for our residents, as well. In fact, our level of care goes beyond more than typical nursing homes. Caregivers make concerted efforts to focus on the comfort and well-being of our patients. We want each patient to feel like their Carespring facility is truly home away from home.

Our mission is to provide an environment of excellence in care and services for the residents we serve in our nursing homes. We ensure every aspect of life is nurtured and cared for, including physical, mental, and emotional stimulation and wellbeing.

More About Carespring

At Carespring, our patients truly become our family. We engage our patients on a personal level. Every patient in our communities is a part of our Carespring family. We get to know them-their stories, their families, what they need to maximize the care we provide.

This kind of personal care is second nature in our care retirement communities. We employ experienced teams of licensed therapists who are educated in cutting edge, state of the art professional care.

We work toward the common goal of positive outcomes. We develop cohesive and custom treatment plans and make it our mission to partner with our patients in accomplishing their therapy goals in a positive and consistent manner.

If you are in need of Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation or Long-Term Care in a nursing home, come to Carespring. With locations in Cincinnati, Ohio, Dayton, Ohio, or Northern Kentucky, we encourage you to come to experience the Carespring difference. Contact us today for more information!