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Covid Recovery Unit

Carespring’s mission is to provide an environment of excellence in care and services to the patients we serve. Our Vision is to be recognized as a national leader in Post-Acute Care. With this in mind, we have established a model for COVID19 Recovery Units to serve current Carespring patients as well as community members who have been diagnosed with COVID 19 and need skilled nursing and rehabilitation assistance following their diagnosis.

These units are distinct from our traditional care areas, although have the accommodations that have made Carespring a leader in skilled nursing care services. Clinicians and team members working these areas receive enhanced training in infection control, sanitization and COVID19. These team members have a special distinction and you will only find them caring for patients on these COVID Recovery Units. We applaud their commitment to serving the front lines during pandemic. It is our hope that patients will spend an allotted amount of time on the Recovery Unit and then transition back to their homes, or to a step down unit within the facility. We are blessed to have the resources, team members and locations to assist our communities and hospitals. See below to identify a COVID Recovery Center in your community.

Amenities Include:

  • Private Unit with Private Entrance
  • Dedicated Clinical Team
  • PPE Availability with Corporate Procurement Support
  • Seasoned Leadership Team
  • 24 Hour Admission Support with Complete Preadmission E-Assessment
  • On Unit Rehabilitation
  • Physician Coverage with Experience Caring for COVID19 Patients

With the experience and expertise of our clinical leaders, we have established Sycamorespring COVID Recovery Unit.  To see our all of the offerings from Sycamorespring, click here.

Eastgatespring Health Care

With the experience and expertise of our clincial leaders, we have established Eastgatespring COVID Recovery Unit.  To see our all of the offerings from Eastgatespring, click here.