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5 Myths About Aging

There are many different preconceptions we have about getting older. Consider some of these myths about aging and share them with your family and friends.

1. Older adults are always lonely

Simply put-this isn’t true! There’s a common thought that when we get older, loneliness is right around the corner. While that can be true for some older adults, there are many opportunities for socializing, especially in retirement communities. Retirement communities and nursing homes recognize the importance of socialization for seniors. That’s why most facilities host daily activities, giving their residents the opportunity to mingle and strengthen relationships with their neighbors.

2. Dementia is inevitable

While aging does bring on additional health concerns and illnesses, not each and every adult will develop dementia. In fact, according to the World Health Organization, only 5 in 100 adults ages 60 and older develop dementia.

3. Seniors eventually lose all of their independence

While they may benefit from a little assistance, most seniors live very independent lives. Some older adults choose to move into retirement facilities so ensure the care they might need later on is available to them. Other older adults live within the community until a late age. Despite their choice, there are many opportunities for seniors to practice independence even in their later years.

4. Seniors only watch television and little else

Quite the opposite, actually! Since most older adults are in retirement, there is a lot of time to spend on activities they enjoy. Many seniors find a renewed sense of creativity and enjoyment when they tap into their hobbies. While some older adults choose to spend their time painting, reading, or writing, some enjoy visiting museums, the symphony or trying new foods.

5. Aging makes you fear change

Think of all the changes we experience throughout our lives. Older adults are excellent at navigating changes! While it’s uncomfortable for some, older adults have proved over and over that they are experts in the field.

Our Carespring nursing homes and skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities in Dayton, Cincinnati, and Northern Kentucky work to make aging feel like the privilege it is for our residents and their families.