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Choosing Senior Living in Cincinnati: 3 Things to Consider

There are a wide variety of options for senior living in Cincinnati. How do you know which type is right for your loved one? Below, we’ll outline the various things you should consider when determining the best type of senior living in Cincinnati and recommend which may be the best option

1. Mobility Considerations

Getting around becomes more difficult as we age. If your loved one is still able to get around easily or with little help, independent living could be a good option for them. However, if mobility is becoming a concern and you’ve had a few scares with falling, assisted living could be the safer option.

Finally, if they need help moving even a short distance (especially to the point where it’s impacting their ability to do other daily tasks like dressing), a nursing home with consistent care will likely be best.

2. Medical Considerations

Does your loved one have any medical concerns, such as memory issues or an increased risk of a stroke or heart attack? Do they have medications that they have trouble taking each day, especially if those medications must be taken at a specific time? If so, they may benefit from the constant care that a nursing home can provide. However, if they are in good health and just need the peace of mind of having care right around the corner, assisted or independent living is likely the option you will want.

3. Daily Life Considerations

Buttons on shirts, preparing meals, and doing laundry can all become more difficult as we age. Independent living is designed to help with tasks like housekeeping and laundry, with easily navigated living spaces and added safety features such as grip bars in bathrooms.

Assisted living takes daily help to the next level. Meals are prepared in assisted living homes to ensure each resident has a nutrient-rich diet. Caretakers are available to help with daily activities like dressing, bathing, and eating. Accessibility and mobility modifications are more prevalent for those who need them.

Finally, nursing homes offer 24/7 assistance for all daily life activities. Skilled caretakers and nursing professionals are always available to help residents with anything they may need help with.

Senior Living in Cincinnati at Carespring

If you’re interested in learning more about senior living in Cincinnati, you’ve come to the right place! Carespring facilities have a variety of senior living options for you or your loved one. Every patient in our communities is a part of our family. We get to know them – their stories, their families, and what they need so we can provide the best possible care. Contact us for more information.