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Tag: seasonal

Woman putting blanket around elderly man with a cold holding tea

How to Prevent Colds and Flu This Winter

It’s that time of year again! We’re not talking about the holidays, but the season of colds, flu, and other seasonal illnesses. Contracting the flu is dangerous at any age, but it’s especially dangerous for seniors. As we age, our immune systems aren’t always as strong as they used to

Pot of tea surrounded by oranges, lemons, ginger and other ways to boost your immune system in winter

How to Boost Your Immune System in Winter

Winter can be a difficult time for our bodies and immune systems. As the flu season begins, it’s important to strengthen our immune systems, especially for older adults. Consider implementing a few of these steps into your daily routine. By following these tips, you can help boost your immune system

Hands with joint pain in winter in sleeves of blue sweater

Joint Pain in Winter: 5 Remedies to Try

Winter is around the corner, and as temperatures begin to change many older adults who suffer from arthritis or osteoporosis might notice an increase in pain. While some practitioners don’t believe there is a link between joint pain and cold weather, other researchers argue that as the pressure in the