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Caring for Those with Dementia

Caring for Those with Dementia

Knowing how to care for loved ones living with dementia can be extremely difficult, especially when the illness changes their personality. Those with dementia can suffer greatly and not know how to articulate what they need or how they might be feeling. At Carespring Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation facilities, we are always looking for ways to better care for our patients and how to educate their families. Here are some tips on how to provide excellent care for those living with dementia:


Dementia patients will consistently experience responsibilities being taken away. Finding ways to encourage your loved one to complete tasks and express their autonomy will help them stay confident and energized. Speak words of encouragement and only help when needed!

Stay Active

Try a new activity at the local recreation center with your senior to keep them active and healthy. Physical activity and staying fit will help dementia patients stay sharp and will keep them healthier, longer.

Play Games

Puzzles and card games are also great activities to keep the brain healthy. Finding fun ways to socialize with those living with dementia is extremely important for maintain positive health and a happy life. Check your local newspaper for entertainment open to the public- like bingo night or group card games.

Stay on Track with Technology

For dementia patients, remembering when to eat and take medications can be difficult. Using a smart phone to set reminders and alarms for basic daily activities is a great way to stay on track. Keeping a calendar with activities near the door is also a good way to remember what’s happening each day. Make sure to keep alarms and schedules updated when necessary.


Visiting your loved one is important, especially for those suffering from dementia. Socializing and laughing will keep your senior in high spirits. Finding something to do together- making a simple meal, playing music, or making a craft is a wonderful way to spend the evening or afternoon!

At Carespring facilities in Cincinnati, Dayton and Northern Kentucky, we care for the physical and mental health of all of our residents. Empowering your loved one by utilizing the tips above will help them stay healthy, fit, and sharp!