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Challenges in Assisted and Nursing Home Living: How to Deal

Assisted living and Nursing Homes are a great option for older adults who need extra care or want the benefits that come with living in a community of seniors. Many facilities offer a wide variety of activities, medical assistance, and support to its residents. However, there are also challenges that seniors and their families should understand. These issues are important to be aware of before choosing a facility for or with your loved one. At Carespring, we’re always looking for ways to provide quality care and knowledge to our residents. Here are a few of the most common challenges in assisted living and nursing homes and how to solve them: 

High Turnover Rate of Staff

Because of the intense nature of working in assisted living and nursing homes, facilities can often be understaffed. It’s important to gather information about the organization and its team to ensure high quality care is being provided.

In order to address this issue, many facilities, including Carespring facilities, have initiatives that work to improve the workplace culture for the staff. Some facilities offer student loan forgiveness, continued education policies, and conduct a thorough interview and selection process.


In many assisted living and nursing home facilities, older adults live among a diverse group of people in a contained space. As with any group of people, there can be conflicts between residents, or even between a staff member and a resident. When this happens, residents or their family members should contact a staff member or director for assistance.

Changes in Healthcare Policies

With new presidential administrations comes a possibility that the healthcare system will change. This has been a heated debate, especially in last year’s political campaign. Understanding possible changes and how they will affect you or your senior is critical for long-term planning. Forecasting policy changes will allow you to prepare as necessary.


Depending on the level of care needed, the cost of assisted living and nursing home tuition can be extremely expensive. For seniors with limited savings, or for families absorbing the cost of their senior’s tuition, the high monthly cost can cause stress and anxiety. Some facilities accept Medicaid, while others commit to lifetime coverage even if the resident can’t pay in full. Plan ahead and research various ways to cut down on cost. Looking into long-term care insurance, and researching available benefits will help diminish the monthly cost of care.

At Carespring, we believe every resident deserves high quality care at every stage of life. Planning ahead and asking the right questions will help you get the care and support you or your loved one needs. We are confident Carespring facilities are the best in Cincinnat, Northern Kentucky and Dayton areas, so we’d love to show you around and help you with decision making during this important time!