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When Valentine’s Day Hurts

When Valentine’s Day Hurts

For many seniors, especially those who’ve lost a spouse, Valentine’s Day can be difficult. Adults who divorce or lose their loved ones later in life might experience mixed emotions during this time of celebration. Dating styles have changed throughout the years and elders might find dating challenging or uncomfortable. However, some older adults choose to find another partner. If you or your senior is interested in finding a special someone, here are some helpful tips for healthy and happy dating:

Open Your Horizons 

Meeting new people is always more fun with a friend! Take a friend or family with you and spend time volunteering at a local shelter or visit a city museum. Your local YMCA or recreation center will usually offer classes especially for seniors. Silver Sneakers or water aerobics classes are great, fun ways to meet other seniors and increase your chances of starting new relationships.

Online Dating 

Some adults prefer online dating because it acts as a quick and more direct platform for finding someone special. Dating sites are widely used, but it’s always important to act with care and protect your safety. Bring a friend or family member with you to make you feel more comfortable. Below are some popular dating sites.

  • AARP Dating
  • Match
  • eHarmony

Safety First

Remember to stay safe when you venture out into the dating world, especially if you are meeting someone you don’t know well. These tips will keep you safe and happy while you navigate the dating experience:

  • Always make sure someone knows who and where you are meeting. Tell your friends and family where you are going and give them the number of where you are headed, or be sure to carry your cell phone!
  • Meet in public places. First dates in homes and in secluded places won’t always be safe. Make sure others can see you at all times.
  • Try a phone conversation first before meeting in person. You might be able to tell if someone isn’t who they say they are, or if something feels “wrong” just by talking on the phone.

Have Fun! 

Dating can be a great way to make new friends even if the romance doesn’t grow. Try choosing activities that make you happy and invite a new special person along with you. Exploring your local city, trying a different type of cuisine, or taking a cooking class can be great ways to spend time together without all of the pressure.

At Carespring of Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati and Dayton, where our main priority is your happiness, we hope these tips will help you enjoy dating and meeting new people.